Passion for capacity building and development

The Institute has gained approval from NUC to be the Sole Professional Body to Regulate and Control the Practice of the Risk Management Profession in Nigeria

The Chartered Institute of Loan & Risk Management of Nigeria is the sole professional body authorized by the Government to regulate and control the Practice of the Profession in Nigeria today.

Among so many other objectives, this Institute shall:

  • Endeavour to perform her role of advocacy on Government Policies on Financial matters including Loan and Risk Management issues in the Nigerian Economy.
  • Continue to foster and encourage Professionals and Organisations to participate and contribute their skills for the purpose of furthering the object of the Institute.
  • Bring together Persons, Organizations and other categories of individuals who are interested in the Art and Science of Loan & Risk Management, by such means as conferences, workshops, seminars, dialogues, meetings and Promotion of research.
  • Issue newsletters, reports, journals pamphlets for the purpose of learning. Make new research findings available to members.
  • Create a link between our valued members and our International Affiliations.

The seminars/workshops of the Institute shall aim at:

  1. Exposing members to the newest and best practice in International Financial Loan & Risk Management Strategies and Methods.
  2. Instilling in members 'True Professionalism' in Loan and Risk Management.
  3. Keeping members informed of the latest discoveries or development in Loan & Risk Management in the global world through our numerous capacity building programs.
  4. Creating an atmosphere of skill acquisition, entrepreneurship development and innovation in Loan & Risk Management Practice, through continuous education and training of members, including you being admitted to the Institute today.