Our Story


We strive to organize and provide professional training in the specialist area of loan & risk management.

The Chartered Institute of Loan & Risk Management of Nigeria is a professional and educational body established by the act of Parliament of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Gazetted Bill No. SB 220 Vol. 9 of 2012.

The Institute was established primarily to fill the void in the specialist professional disciplines of loan & risk management practice, thereby complementing the noteworthy contributions of individual, academia and other professional bodies.

The evolving highly competitive global economic scenario with its demand for top flight efficiency and effectiveness have made it essential for specialist professional focus on loan & risk management as in the case already in the more advanced countries and a number of emerging economies of the world.

We have a direction

We strive to organize and provide professional training in the specialist area of loan & risk management.

Usher in a new era of Professionalism in capacity building to ever increasing demand of competent professionals in the domain of Loan & Risk Management Practice.

To fill the VOID in the Professionalism of Loan & Risk Management Practice and to instill Discipline, Integrity, Responsibility, Ethics, Accountability, Transparency, Best Practices and Fairness in the disciplines of our great Profession.

• Transparency
• Responsibility
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Best Practice
• Fairness
• Humility
• Accountability

To foster and maintain investigative research with goals for discovering the best means, method, approach for applying high standard skills, knowledge, competence to bring about improvement in Loan and Risk Management within the community of Nigeria Nation and to disseminate, promote knowledge and exchange information/ideas in regard to all questions relating to or connected therewith.

To bring together persons, organizations and other categories of individuals who are interested in the art and science of Loan and Risk Management by such means as conference, workshops, dialogues, meetings, reading of papers and promotion of research.

To keep members abreast new trend of best practices in the domain of Loan and Risk Management.

To organize and provide professional training in the Specilalists areas of Loan & Risk Management.

To personalize Loan & RIsk Management with a commitment to raising great leaders in all sectors of the economy.

To promote the art and science in the areas of Loan & Risk Management.

To integrate culture and ethical standards in the specialist areas of Loan % Risk Management Practice.

To imbibe professionalism in both the private and public sectors of the economy for efficiency and effectiveness in line with global best practices.

To do all such things that are necessary to promote the advancement of loan & risk management in the Nigerian economy.

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